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In 2015, NAMA introduced the Professional Ayurvedic Continuing Education (PACE) initiative as a part of our association’s ongoing work to ensure the professional growth and success of Ayurveda in the United States.

NAMA professional members agree to obtain continuing education credits in order to deepen their knowledge and keep their skills current.

PACE Requirements

PACE requirements run in 2-year cycles. All Professional Members are on the same PACE 2-year cycle, regardless of when they joined and/or renewed their membership. The current 2018-2019 PACE cycle runs from January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2019.
Credit Type 2018-2019 PACE Cycle
  • AHC = Must earn 30 credits total
  • AP = Must earn 30 credits total
  • AD = Must earn 30 credits total
2016-2017 PACE Cycle
  • AHC = Must earn 20 credits total
  • AP = Must earn 40 credits total
  • AD = Must earn 40 credits total
Ethics Quiz (passing score ≥ 80%) (REQUIRED) 2 credits ( Take the 2018-2019 Ethics Quiz ) 2 credits ( Take the 2016-2017 Ethics Quiz )
Topics in Ayurveda (TIA) (REQUIRED)
  • Max = 28 credits
  • Min = 18 credits
  • AHC
    • Max = 18 credits
    • Min = 12 credits
  • AP/AD
    • Max = 38 credits
    • Min = 26 credits
Topics in Wellness (TIW) (OPTIONAL)
  • Max = 09 credits
  • Min = 00 credits
  • AHC
    • Max = 06 credits
    • Min = 00 credits
  • AP/AD
    • Max = 12 credits
    • Min = 00 credits


* Professional Members who are approved after June 30th, in the first year of a 2-year PACE cycle, are exempt from the PACE cycle requirements, except for the Ethics Quiz, which all Professional Members must pass.

Special Note for Ayurvedic Practitioner (AP) Professional Members: For a limited time, you can earn 28 credits for taking the AP Beta Test, which is open only to AP Professional Members. The AP Beta Test costs $97 and can be taken on-line or at a designated on-site testing center. To learn more about the AP Beta Test, click here.

How to Earn PACE Credits

There are 4 ways to earn PACE credit, use the most appropriate one:

Description To Earn Credit...
NAMA-Listed PACE Programs Earn credit for completing recommended PACE programs offered directly by NAMA PACE Providers. Click here to go to the listing and then click on the respective "Verify Credits Here" link and follow the prompt.
Topics in Ayurveda (TIA) Courses
Earn credits for completing any non-listed course in Ayurveda of your choosing, such as practice management, client support, yoga, body therapies, cooking, research, etc. Click Here and follow the prompt.
Topics in Wellness (TIW) Courses
Earn up to 30% of your required credits for completing any non-listed course in topics outside āyurveda, such as Western herbalism, Chinese Medicine, CPR, etc. Click Here and follow the prompt.
Teachers NAMA Professional Members who are teachers of PACE Programs and/or other professional Ayurveda trainings may earn up to 15 PACE credits for their teaching hours. Basic "Introduction to āyurveda" type of courses and/or courses for the general public do NOT count for teaching credit. Here is a list of activities that may be accepted as credit for Teaching:
  • Teaching a listed PACE Program
  • Teaching a non-listed āyurveda course
  • Teaching an AHC/AP/AD level course
  • Publishing an article in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Presenting at a conference
Click Here and follow the prompt.

How to Track Your Credits


Want to see how many credits you have so far? Log into your member profile and click the "professional development" icon ... or simply click here and log in. 

Note: Don't worry if you see credits for other professional member levels.
Credits for your level (e.g. Ayurvedic Health Counselor) are the only ones relevant to you. 



Become a PACE Provider


Are you an experienced trainer and educator offering workshops, seminars and courses for Ayurveda professionals? Become a PACE Provider to publicize your courses to NAMA Professional Members. Learn more. 



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